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Online collection of luxurious designer nightwear for women

Comfortable and fashionable nightdresses are in vogue in the modern times with more and more women preferring nothing less than the best nightwear. The online stores have ensured that you can now get access to impressive collections of designer nightwear sitting in your home without visiting retail outlets.

Some of the collections available in the online stores have been mentioned here.

Scots collection Scot collection nightwear comes with a button front top along with a notch collar hits at the hip. The waist is elastic and has a bow ribbon. Made from imported cotton, the nightwear is soft and comfortable and can be worn all the year round. Available in many varieties such as denim, black, peach, navy and grey.

Savannah collection Savannah collection of designer nightwear has been designed to resemble the Savannah of Africa by using various kinds of animal prints. The nightwears coming under this collection are made of imported satin with creaseless finish. This makes them highly soft and immensely comfortable. Elastic waist, top chest pocket and button front top along with notch collar hits at the hip are other features of the collection.

Luxury collection The luxury collection of nightwear features French lace robe, elastic pants and button-up top. These nightwears are made using classic designs. Imported Japanese satin has been used for their manufacture which makes them extremely smooth and soft like silk. Luxury collection nightwears are available in beige, dark blue and black colours.

Floral collection As the name suggests, the nighties under this collection feature prints of fresh blooming flowers. Apart from aesthetics, the nightwears are very comfortable due to imported satin and lightweight. Elastic pants and button-up top are other features.

Sizes The designer nightwears are available in various sizes from extra small to extra large to accommodate every customer.

Payment Cash on delivery and bank transfer facilities are offered to the customers.