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    Savannah Collection 1001

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    Savannah Collection 1007

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    Savannah Collection 1010

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    Savannah Collection 1011

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    Savannah Collection 1014

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    Savannah Collection 1015

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High quality designer night dresses for women

In the modern times, women not only want their everyday attire to be stylish but also their nightwears to be equally stylish. Thus, there are many kinds of designer nightwear available for women. These are high quality night dresses that are way more superior in terms of both aesthetics and comfort than conventional nightwears. The designer nightwears use high quality materials and stylish designs which are one of the many reasons of their popularity among women. Like other things, designer nightwears are available in the online stores.

An example

Savannah collection of nightwears is characterized by bold animal prints in different colours and styles. The design has been inspired by the African savannah and is the reason for its name. The animal prints impart a unique look to the nightwears. The material used in the nightwears is either imported satin or imported cotton which makes them very light and extremely comfortable. The silky soft feature of the nightwears can also be attributed to the material. Front button is present on the top along with notch collar hits at the hip. Elastic waist is provided in the pants for easy fitting. A chest pocket also forms a part of the top.

There are so many options available for the customers in terms of colour and styles. Animal prints in various multicoloured patterns are the central attraction of Savannah collection of nightwears.

The nightwears are available in various sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. Waist and bust measurements are also listed on the websites to help customers in determining their sizes.


The Savannah collection of nightwears costs around Rs 3500. Discounts are also offered by many online stores. Most of the online stores offer cash on delivery facility for the customers. Bank transfer through online mode is another convenient method of payment.